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The Norwegian Consulate General will in cooperation with Zhoushan Municipality be hosting a Green Maritime Event 26-28 April in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province. The event is co-hosted or supported by Innovation Norway and Norwegian Business Association (NBA).

The purpose of the event is to promote Norwegian maritime companies, its technologies, and services to the local maritime industry in Zhejiang.

We will organize a half day Green Maritime Seminar followed by a dinner reception and visits to selected shipyards.,

Please find the agenda below for more information. Note that the three shipyards in the program are suggested by the local government.

You are welcome to invite some of your local business contacts to both the seminar and the dinner reception on 27th April. We will arrange a bus for those who want to travel back to Shanghai after the reception in the evening on 27th April. All costs for the round-trip bus, seminar, working lunch and networking event are covered by the Consulate.

For Hotel Booking in Zhoushan, please contact Manager Ms. Yao directly, email:, mobile: 18005800322. The corporate rate is RMB 500, including one breakfast, VAT and service fee.

Please register before Monday 10th April.

Norway Zhoushan Green Maritime Event

26-28 April 2023, Zhoushan

Wednesday 26th April

Three options:

Option One: 13:30 - 18:30 Depart from Bund Centre Shanghai

Option Two: 18:00 - 22:00 Depart from Bund Centre Shanghai (Please note option two might be canceled if not many people choose!)

Option Three: Self-arrangement

Check in at hotel: Sheraton Hotel Zhoushan

Time at own disposal

Thursday 27th April

09:00-11:00 Visit Changhong International Shipyard

11:00-11:30 Depart for lunch (venue to be confirmed)

11:30-13:00 Lunch

13:00-13:30 Back to hotel

14:00-18:30 Norway Green Maritime Forum & Reception

(There might be a bus to Shanghai leaving around 18:30 after the reception, depends on how many people need the service.)

Friday 28th April

08:00-12:00 Visit COSCO Shipping Shipyard and Xinya Shipyard

12:00-13:00 Lunch (venue to be confirmed)

13:00-18:00 Back to Shanghai with bus

Norway-China Green Maritime Forum 2023

-Hydrogen Vessel


Online/offline event in Sheraton Hotel of Zhoushan city, with simultaneous translation service

14:00-18:30 (Beijing time), Thursday 27th April 2023 (8:00-11:30 Oslo time)




线下/线上 同声传译


Moderator Mr. Magnus Jorem, Science & Higher Education Counsellor of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing

主持人 挪威驻华大使馆科技与高等教育参赞 周 迈 先生

14:00-14:30 Registration 签到

14:30-14:35 Welcome remarks by Ms. Lise Nordgaard, the Consul General of Norway in Shanghai 挪威驻上海总领事丽莎女士致开幕致辞

14:35-14:40 Welcome speech by Zhoushan Municipal People's Government 舟山市人民政府代表致辞

14:40-14:50 Hydrogen Industry Development Plan of Zhoushan by Zhoushan Development & Reformation Committee舟山市发改委介绍氢能产业发展情况及规划

14:50-15:00 Hydrogen Outlook 2050, by Mr. Huang Jin James, DNV Senior Vice President面向2050的全球氢能展望 挪威船级社 集团高级副总裁 黄今 先生

15:00-15:10 Hydrogen Industry Development in Liuheng Island of Zhoushan by Liuheng Administrative Committee 六横管委会介绍"海上氢岛"建设发展情况

15:10-15:20 Hydrogen and Other Alternative Low Carbon Fuels For Green Shipping, Mr. Carl Magne Rustand, SVP Business Development & Strategic Partnership, Global Sales and Marketing, Kongsberg Maritime China氢能及其它低碳燃料在绿色船运中的应用, 挪威康士伯企业管理(上海)有限公司全球市场销售部 业务开发与战略合作伙伴副总裁 罗卡尔 先生

15:20-15:30 Empower International Maritime Service Industry Through Digital Transformation by Zhoushan Municipal Port and Shipping Authority 舟山市港航局介绍数字化助力国际海事服务产业发展

15:30-15:40 The overview of Hydrogen utilization in the green maritime industry of Norway by Ms. Emilie Dorgeville, Project Manager of the NCE Maritime CleanTech (Online) 挪威NCE Maritime CleanTech项目经理Emilie Dorgeville女士介绍挪威氢能在绿色海事产业中的应用概览 (在线)

15:40-16:00 Coffee break 茶歇

16:00-16:10 Development and Prospect of the Utilization of High-Power Hydrogen Fuel Cell for Ship Power by Nekson Power Technology Co., Ltd. 浙江高成绿能科技有限公司介绍大功率氢燃料电池在船舶动力上应用的发展与展望

16:10-16:20 Ulstein's pathway towards zero emissions – exploring hydrogen, Mr. Johannes Røren, Managing Director of Ulstein China 乌斯坦中国区总经理 Johannes Røren 先生 介绍乌斯坦迈向零排放航运时代的行动路径——氢能源船舶设计的探索

16:20-16:30 Green Maritime of DSD Group, by Michael Zhang from DSD Group 挪威DSD 集团及Herfo Finans亚洲区首席代表 张鹏先生

16:30-16:40 Cost-effective Hydrogen Storage Solutions Based on Type 4 Composite-overwrapped Pressure Vessels for Maritime applications by Dr. Sergey Ulyakhin, The CTO of Hexagon Purus China and Southeast Asia, 挪威合斯康新能源中国及东南亚首席技术官 谢尔盖博士 介绍基于IV型复合包覆压力容器, 适用于海事应用的经济高效的储氢解决方案

16:40-16:50 Hydrogen safety considerations for maritime applications, by Mr. Xie Bin, General Manager of Gexcon China,挪威Gexcon 公司中国区总经理 谢镔先生, 氢能安全在海运领域应用的思考

16:50-17:00 Green Maritime and Hydrogen Energy Application by Rystad Energy 挪威Rystad Energy介绍绿色海事与氢能应用

17:00-18:30 Reception 招待晚宴

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    For Hotel Booking in Zhoushan, please contact Manager Ms. Yao directly, email:, mobile: 18005800322. The corporate rate is RMB 500, including one breakfast, VAT and service fee.

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