We cordially invite you to an exclusive event at the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing, featuring a presentation by Jens Eskelund, President of the European Chamber, on findings from the EUCCC's latest publication. Following the presentation, an enlightening dialogue will take place between Mr. Eskelund and H.E. Signe Brudeset, Norway's Ambassador to China, offering deep dives into the strategies and policies that are shaping the business landscape for foreign entities in China. Participants will also have the opportunity for a Q&A session afterwards, allowing for direct engagement with our speakers and further exploration of the topics discussed.

The event will delve into how the EU, China, and the US each tackle economic security and risk management differently, affecting trade and investment strategies. It will also examine the EU's approach to minimizing impacts on trade relations, China's extensive measures to eliminate dependencies and achieve technological self-reliance, and the US's shift from 'decoupling' to 'de-risking,' showcasing an alignment with the EU's strategies, albeit with different underpinnings.

At the corporate level, businesses are encountering risks that are increasing in volume, complexity, and severity, largely due to the gradual infiltration of political factors into the business landscape. Responses vary among companies, yet distinct strategic patterns are becoming apparent. Some are drawn deeper into the Chinese market, seeking to boost localization and investment, while others feel compelled to relocate their investments or operational segments out of the country.

Join us for this invaluable opportunity to gain expert insights into the politics of economic security and understand the critical strategies that are shaping the future of European businesses in China.

Date: 22 April 2024

Time: 17:00 PM – 20:00 PM


17:00PM – 17:30PM: Registration

17:30PM – 18:30PM: Presentation & Q&A Session

18:30PM – 20:00PM: Buffet dinner at the Residence

Address: Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing – 挪威王国驻华大使馆

1, Sanlitun Dong Yi Jie 三里屯东一街1号

Please Note: Limited seats available, please sign up at your earliest convenience.

Please be aware that the event will be conducted in accordance with the Chatham House Rule.


  • Jens Eskelund (President, European Chamber; Chief Representative, Maersk Greater China Area and North-East Asia)

    Jens Eskelund

    President, European Chamber; Chief Representative, Maersk Greater China Area and North-East Asia

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  • Signe Brudeset (Norway's Ambassador to China and Mongolia)

    Signe Brudeset

    Norway's Ambassador to China and Mongolia

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