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Join us for a relaxing Nordic evening event on May 14th, featuring popular coach Chris CHEUNG, as we delve into the transformative power of Mindfulness for work and life. The event will be held in Chinese.

So, you've heard about 'mindfulness' and how it can help you in your life - health, work, relationships. But you still don't know exactly what it is. During this wisdom packed, interactive workshop lasting 1.5 hours, Chris CHEUNG will take you on a journey of self-discovery where you will explore the essential 'secrets' of this ancient practice, and, how it can help you better manage the challenges of life and work.

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to the present moment, with curiosity and kindness. It can help you enjoy life more, cope with stress better, and improve your mental well-being. It can also help you cultivate positive qualities, such as compassion, gratitude, and joy.

In this workshop, you will learn from Chris, an experienced, certified mindfulness facilitator and practitioner, who has over 20 years of mindfulness practice experience, and a rich background in business and leadership. He will share with you his personal story of how mindfulness transformed his life and how it can transform yours too.

During the session you'll find out about:

• Chris's journey in mindfulness: How he discovered mindfulness meditation and how it provided him with tools to cope with the challenges of everyday life more skillfully.

• What mindfulness practice is and isn't: How to define mindfulness, and debunking some of the common myths and misconceptions about mindfulness, such as that it is about relaxing, or that it is a quick fix.

• Practical mindfulness practices and the intention behind these practices: He will guide you through some simple and effective mindfulness exercises that you can do anytime. He will also explain the intention behind these practices, and how they can help you develop awareness, acceptance, and positivity.

• How to deepen your practice through the 8-week Mindfulness programmes from Oxford Mindfulness Foundation: How to take your mindfulness practice to the next level, and experience its full benefits.

This workshop is a great opportunity to discover mindfulness and how it can help you live a happier and healthier life. It is suitable for anyone who is interested in learning more about mindfulness, whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner. It is also a chance to meet and connect with other like-minded people, and to ask any questions you may have about mindfulness.

Date: 14 May, 2024

Time: 19:00 - 20:30

Venue: Starlight Lounge, No. 20, Xinyuanlixi, JinShangYuan, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Language: In Chinese

Speaker: Chris Cheung

也许您已经听说过"正念"以及它如何帮助您的生活 - 健康、工作、人际关系。但你仍然不知道它到底是什么。 在这个持续 1.5 小时的充满智慧的互动工作坊中,Chris CHEUNG 将带您踏上自我发现之旅,探索这一古老练习的基本"秘密",以及它如何帮助您更好地应对生活挑战和工作。


在本次工作坊中,您将向 Chris 学习,他是一位经验丰富、经过认证的正念老师和实践者,拥有 20 多年的正念实践经验,以及丰富的商业和领导力背景。他将与您分享他的个人故事,讲述正念如何改变他的生活,以及它如何改变您的生活。


  • Chris的正念之旅:他如何发现正念冥想,以及它如何为他提供更巧妙地应对日常生活挑战的工具。
  • 什么是正念练习:如何定义正念,并揭穿一些关于正念的常见神话和误解,例如正念是为了放松,或者它是一种快速修复方法。
  • 实用的正念练习以及这些练习背后的意图:他将指导您进行一些简单而有效的正念练习,您可以随时进行。他还将解释这些做法背后的意图,以及它们如何帮助您培养意识、接受度和积极性。
  • 如何通过牛津正念基金会为期8周的正念课程加深您的练习:如何将您的正念练习提升到更深的水平,并体验其全部好处。


时间:下午 19:00 - 20:30



演讲嘉宾:Chris Cheung

欢迎报名!我们一起"走进正念, 走进自己"!


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