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In an era where AI seamlessly integrates into our professional lives, familiarizing oneself with pioneering technologies such as GPT, Sora, Copilot, Bard, Gemini, Mid-journey, and ERNIE Bot (Wenxin Yiyan), becomes imperative.

The realm of AI-Generated Content (AIGC) has experienced transformative growth over the past year, redefining the paradigms of creativity, innovation, and the conceptualization of future business and work environments. This evolution has been marked by the advent of advanced language models capable of composing poetry, drafting articles, and generating code, alongside AI-powered art generators that have revolutionized the accessibility of artistic expression. The acceleration of the AIGC field heralds a pivotal shift in digital content creation, underscoring the importance of mastering these technologies and comprehending their broader implications.

This event is designed to cater to marketing professionals but also a wide range of participants, serving as a portal to the forefront of AIGC innovation exploration. Participants will acquire an understanding of the latest developments in AIGC technology, its practical applications, and the ethical dimensions it encompasses. Whether your aim is to expand your creative capabilities, explore novel professional avenues, or deepen your knowledge of AI's evolving role in shaping our future, this event promises a wealth of opportunities for all attendees.

Date: 2024 April 11th Thursday

Time: 17:30-21:00

(Registration from 17:30 for 30min)

Venue: 3F, Andaz Hotel, 88 Songshan Road, Huangpu, Shanghai, 上海新天地安仕达酒店上海市黄浦区嵩山路88号3层

Dinner included


17:30-18:00 Registration

18:00-19:00 Introductions to AIGC and current toolkits

19:00-19:30 On-site demonstration, Q&A, and open discussion


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